Looking for the very best Red Lip Tint



looking for the finest red liptint

Two Red Lip Tints

Initially on my list is KARADIUM’s Film Star Air Mousse Velour in Red Carpet. Billed as a traditional red, it’s what I picture old-time motion picture sirens would use to bests. Next, we have SWEET LAB’s Cream-pop The Velour Lip Color in Blind Kiss. This one’s pitched as “the ideal red”and a “clearly pigmented, silky-smooth creamy lip color with velvet-matte finish” that would last for 8 hours without drying your lips out. Lastly, we have peripera’s Ink the Gelato in Lively Red, an “apple red”with purportedly outstanding color payoff and durability. For somebody who likes a vibrant lip, I felt spoilt for choice– as if I’ve got all my preferred toys in

the same room!

# 1 KARADIUM’s Film Star Air Mousse Velvet in Red Carpet An Electrifying Red: The product packaging of this one is a stunner. It features an extremely sparkly cap coupled with a sleek tube, exuding subtle sophistication in keeping with the brand’s image. The tint itself was similarly acceptable on several counts. It slid on in thick, velvety strokes, producing a super-matte finish. The color is an extremely pigmented, full-blooded red that amped up my appearance no end. I do have minor reservations: the color is so shockingly rich and intense that it produced an extremely plain and overdramatic contrast in between my lips and my skin. Its resilience, however, was good– it didn’t budge from early morning till twelve noon, which was only because I consumed a bowl of vermicelli for lunch. To me, this is more of a special-occasion red to take out when you actually require to vamp it up, or when you want to rescue yourself from a dark mood.

# 2 CANDY LABORATORY’s Cream-pop The Velour Lip Color in Blind Kiss

A Significant Red: I enjoy a lip item that’s well called, so” Blind Kiss”already marks this out as a winner. Bonus points also for the vibrant, pop art-inspired tube. This went on much more efficiently than KARADIUM’s Red Carpet, thanks to an angled brush, that made for simple application, and an extremely velvety texture. The completing was on the matte side, but not so matte that it sucked the life out of my lips– there’s still the faintest hint of juiciness and shine. The item likewise smelled nicely of candy. Although it’s a shade deeper than KARADIUM’s Red Carpet, it’s also more light-weight, therefore producing a more nuanced impact without jeopardizing on any of the drama. All in all, it does everything a true red lipstick ought to do– pulling your appearance together even when you’re using otherwise very little makeup. A certain keeper!

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