The Oxford Shoe Trinity: The Only 3 You’ll Ever Required


The Oxford Shoe Trinity: The Only 3 You’ll Ever Need

The only 3 you’ll ever need

While having a conversation recently, I was approached by a boy asking guidance on choosing a couple of sets of dress shoes that I believed could anchor a closet throughout his career. Reiterating my belief on purchasing quality initially, I continued to give him a roadmap on which shoes I thought would last him a lifetime.

Defined by their closed lacing, the term oxford shoe covers a wide range of various styles. No matter which combine you gravitate towards owning, assembling a variety of oxford shoes enables you to quickly dress for the circumstance, whether it be casual or formal. I limited my list to a trinity. With simply 3 shoes, you’ll have choices and a great foundation from which you can build upon your closet further.

1. Black Cap Toe

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It would not be a genuine list if I didn’t put a set of black shoes. The most formal shoe on this list, the traditional black cap toe, is quickly the very first shoe every guy should own. I wear these shoes all over … work, wedding events, even a night on the town. They’re a workhorse when it concerns dressing officially. The fantastic thing about reliable oxford shoes is that their style is eternal. You’ll never have to purchase another pair of black shoes if you look after them correctly. Even second-hand shoes are fantastic. I’ve been using a pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenues that I purchased from eBay 10 years earlier. I’ve discovered to take care of them, polish them and get them resoled when they need it. A true must-have in any trinity.

2. Medium Brown Wingtip

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Next, the most common shoe on this list, the wingtip. This one is certainly the design that the typical male will gravitate towards when they are aiming to buy a dress shoe in a shop. Not every man’s wardrobe includes just wearing suits. It’s a great financial investment to have a pair of shoes that looks simply as excellent off the clock as on.

With numerous options in the market, my suggestion is to discover a medium brown or cigar colored set. You can wear them with navy, grey, maroon, ochre … the list goes on. A wingtip may be the very first set of dress shoes to purchase if you discover yourself in requirement of a flexible shoe that can be used with a set of jeans. If you’re aiming to for a great pair that will not break the bank, attempt these Beckett Simonon Yates or these Allen Edmonds Mcallister that Brian swears by.

3. Oxblood Cap Toe

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If you read my piece on How to Style Oxblood Shoes with a Suit, you’ll currently have an idea regarding what my third set of shoes is to round out my trinity. The color oxblood is a versatile and glamorous color that harmonizes 90 % of all men’s clothes. It’s the kind of shoe that can separate the uniformity of wearing just brown and black. Whatever design oxford shoe you choose, oxblood’s rich look leather is a great financial investment, specifically around fall when you’re grabbing heavy grey flannels and chunky tweed coats.

Including another cap toe to this list since in some cases less is more. With so lots of style choices offered in the market, oxblood must be on your list if you’re searching for a shoe that punches above its weight. This set pictured below is the Melton from Johnston & & Murphy.

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What do you think of the list? Would you recommend 3 different shoes for your trinity?

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