YouTuber Zoe Amira Recreates Doja Cat’s “Say So”


YouTuber Zoe Amira Recreates Doja Cat’s “State So” Video Makeup Looks

Right prior to Black History Month ended, Los Angeles-based artist Doja Feline blessed us with a music video for her song”Say So.”Thanks to a dance challenge created by TikTokker Haley Sharpe, aka @yodelinghaley, the memorable pop song ended up being a bit of a viral hit. So, Doja Feline naturally used the dance in her video– and invited Sharpe to join her. The visuals in the video were absolutely sensational and the makeup and hair invoked the psychedelic energy of the ’70s, providing us appeal fans much inspiration.That’s exactly why

20-year-old appeal influencer Zoe Amira simply needed to recreate the three beauty looks Feline served us. With “State So” playing in the background, Amira perfectly lip syncs to the tune while blending eye shadow into her crease in a current video she published across social media.Similar to Cat in the music video, Amira rocks 3 different platinum blonde hairstyles: an abundant bob, a curly afro with bangs, and pigtails with flipped ends. While I mistakingly believed 3 various wigs were used in this, Amira tells Allure that it was in fact all one wig. The first appearance was attained by pulling the back into a ponytail and fluffing it out to give the illusion of brief hair. The 2nd involved connecting the hair into two ponytails. The 3rd required a thin curling iron and three and a half hours to develop the bouncy curls.

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