Event: Chromeo DJ Set at Fulton 55 featuring Chromeo


Event: Chromeo DJ Set at Fulton 55 featuring Chromeo

Chromeo DJ Set at Fulton 55 featuring Chromeo


All Day All Night and LMC present the legendary duo, Chromeo, at Fulton 55 on Friday June 26th for a DJ set. Don't miss this iconic group up close and personal in Fresno. We'll see you on the dance floor!Support by Maj, Sh!bby, Playplace21+ Event*If you have tickets from the original date on 3/26 you don't need to do anything, your tickets are valid*About Chromeo: World leaders, powerful CEOs, and assorted other fat cats could learn myriad lessons from Chromeo, but the number one tip that Dave 1 and P-Thugg have is this: Know thyself, know thy vibe, and stay thy course. The rest of the population will catch up. What this means is that Chromeo is really good at being Chromeo. The mission, the package, the vision—it’s been a straight shot of pure intentionality from the jump. These Chromeo dudes? They have the whole being-these-Chromeo-dudes thing totally wired.And with the benefit of blessed hindsight, we can all see now that Chromeo stuck to it with the natural doggedness of the soulful heirs that they are. Funk a game plan—these guys had a ten-year battle strategy. When they released their first album in 2004, Rick James was still the Antichrist to all but the enlightened. Fast forward to today, and ‘80s funk—which makes up a major part of Chromeo’s DNA—is all over the charts.
Date/Time of the event:

starting on 2020-06-26 21:00:00

Fulton 55
875 Divisadero Street
93728 Fresno
United States

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