A Guide to Tom Ford’s Musings on Life and Death (But Primarily Death).


A Guide to Tom Ford’s Musings on Life and Death (However Mostly Death)

Aside from his beloved designs, whether for Gucci or his eponymous label-slash-empire, Tom Ford is perhaps most associated with his bon mots about sex. It may come as some surprise, then, that sex is fairly far down on Ford’s list of priorities. Just like whatever else, from  great looks to his ongoing fight against overhead lighting to his three day-to-day baths, it takes a rear seat to no. 1: death.The designer and popular Virgo has actually honestly discussed his previous battles with addiction and anxiety, however his ongoing fascination with mortality surpasses that.(Nor is it as morbid as the designer’s gratitude for vampires makes it appear.)As Ford has made significantly clear in the last few years, right as much as his 58th birthday on Tuesday, for him, death has to do with life:”I believe it is among the things that makes me value things, due to the fact that you realize this isn’t going to last, so I need to take a look at it, I require to experience it, I require to attempt to drink it in,” he told The Guardian in 2016. In honor of his birthday, celebrate Ford’s life with more of his finest quotes about death, here.” Death is all I consider. There is not a day or truly an hour that passes that I do not believe about death. I believe you are born a certain way. I think you just come out that way.

“– The Hollywood Reporter “I look at a puppy and I believe,’ Oh my God, that puppy’s so stunning. Oh, it’s just going to be old and pass away. ‘… Everything’s so short-term. Everything passes away.”–

GQ “A vampire cape was among the first things I got when I might tell my mom to make something for me, and it was black satin on the outdoors and red satin on the within. And I had the vampire teeth and I had the LP with the music from ‘Dark Shadows.’ I was obsessed and I desired to be a vampire since vampires are attractive. They do not age. Discuss sexy. I’m not discussing Nosferatu, you know. However vampires were typically rich, they lived in an incredible home or castle. Used black. Vampires are great.”–The New York Times

” [Ford’s film Nocturnal Animals] was about the same struggle that everybody goes through, if you’re smart, at some time in your life. You ask yourself, What is this everything about? Why am I living? What does this indicate? Why am I here?”–Interview

“I’ve constantly been somewhat dysthymic, you understand. I arrange of operate at a slightly lower state of mind. I constantly felt that if you enjoy, you’re simply dumb. I still believe joy does not exist which if we all didn’t expect it to exist, we would be a lot happier.”– Style

“I have no idea [what my obituary will say] And in fact, I don’t care. Although I did just design my mausoleum. Tadao Ando, the Japanese designer who developed the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, is building a home for us in New Mexico. Really we’ve simply begun on the mausoleum. It’s on a place where we have actually been camping, underneath this rock cliff. We have a set of eagles, a nest there. When you enter the mausoleum, you decrease and then enter a circular space. And there are slots in the walls, and there’s room for a number of horses and pets … I’m just sort of having a good time with it. Because we’re all going to wind up dead, so why not have enjoyable with it while you live? I developed my coffin. It was really simple, modest, although in extremely pricey rosewood. And it goes into a box that is black granite. Slotted in the wall.”–GQ

“Appeal gives me fantastic delight, however it likewise gives me fantastic sadness. When I see the rose, and I smell the rose, all I can consider is that the rose is going to wither and be dead. But that is among the important things that endows it with its charm. If it were permanent, you would not even discover it.”– Style

“From the time we’re born up until we pass away, we’re kept hectic with artificial stuff that isn’t important.”–Index

“I take a look at my kid and he’s so delighted and joyful and I say, ‘Richard [Buckley, Ford’s husband], it’s because he hasn’t discovered the secret yet. And the trick is that he’s going to pass away.’Jack does not yet feel the discomfort that humans, everyone, feel and will feel.”–GQ

” [When you end up being a moms and dad] you see yourself as a link in the chain. And you see a chain that stretches to infinity in both instructions– where you came from and where we’re all progressing into as a culture. You see the world in a different way.”– The Hollywood Reporter

“Who cares about the past? It’s ended up! Today, the future, however the past? You can reside in that when you’re in your eighties. I never live in the past. Besides my looks. I look at images all the time and I say, “I want my eyes were still like that” and “God, I wish I still had all that hair.” And “I wish my ass were still like that.” God, I keep in mind when I might flip around onto my stomach naked in front of anybody.”–GQ

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