This Non-Profit—with Fashion Roots—Uses Art to Inspire Green Thinking


This Non-Profit– with Style Roots– Utilizes Art to Inspire Green Thinking

In July 2018, the artist David Benjamin Sherry went to Alaska to picture landscapes at risk of vanishing, including the LeConte Glacier, a looming, 21-mile-wide piece of turquoise ice that is rapidly pulling back due to climate modification. “Neither words nor pictures can truly convey the experience of standing in front of LeConte Glacier,” Sherry says. “We should act instantly, everybody– today, we have no time left.”

A little over a year later on, one of Sherry’s striking photos of the glacier appeared on a billboard on Lafayette Street in New York City City, combined with the words “Warming Ahead.” While the pun suggests a specific lightheartedness, the image itself is a gut punch. A similar billboard, with the words “Warming Signal” prominently showed, simply went up in Omaha, Nebraska. Others will continue to pop up in different places as we get closer to the 2020 election.The billboards were funded by Bridge Initiative, an ecological nonprofit with roots in the style industry. It was established by designer Katherine Fleming, and Proenza Schouler co-founder Lazaro Hernandez is on its board of advisors. Fleming makes use of art’s special capability to get individuals to focus as a method to stimulate individuals into action:”I think art has the power to make individuals fall for nature again, and when people love something they will secure it,” she states. The signboards, produced in partnership with the Alaska Whale Structure, engage the general public in the battle to come up with services, while hopefully taking a minute to analyze their own impact.Here, a selection from Sherry’s Alaskan portfolio showcases these gorgeous, delicate landscapes

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Brothers Island, Alaska, 2018. Photo by David Benjamin Sherry for Bridge Initiative. Baranof Lake II, Alaska, 2018. Picture by David Benjamin Sherry for Bridge Initiative.

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