How to Sleep better at night

In StyleWhatNot we want to be the best version of yourself and to achieve that you need a good night of restorative sleep.

Nowadays the human beings have changed their entire enviroment. Work, Stress everywhere, and light!

Yes, light is everywhere (that’s not how our ancestors used to live), the problem with light its more specific to the blue spectrum of it.

See the research here:

In order to get a better night sleep many researchers have come to the conclussion that PEMF Therapy provides great results.

We at Stylewhatnot have proved them and our nights are just awesome full of restorative sleep. Having inmsonia is not a happy thing to happen in your life and with PEMF Therapy you can get better and go back to have full night of sleep.

PEMF Therapy

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy is one of the most powerful biohacking tools with proven benefits; and we do PEMF better than anyone. Now everything we do is low EMF. EarthPulse™ has researched & applied Magnetic therapy since mid 90s for achieving better sleep, brainwave enhancement, faster recovery, enhanced performance and longevity / anti-ageing effects.


The EarthPulse is a system designed to help you sleep better, via PEMF therapy.

We reccomend the following device: