5 Style Magazines to Discover Today


5 Style & Way Of Life Magazines to Discover Right Now

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For the previous five years or two, there have actually been lots of rumblings about the demise of print. To restate the apparent: internet. As we continue to consume content online, yes, maybe these certain legacy publications have actually ended up being less practical or appropriate. If it’s the latter, nevertheless, that’s their own fault. Maybe there’s a way print can offer a different experience? One that’s elevated, immersive, and concentrated on quality and beauty?

There are some print publications– and rather brand-new print publications, in some cases– that are getting it right. (At least in the realm of males’s design and way of life.) We have actually assembled 5 of our favorites that are absolutely worth a read right now.

1. The Rake

top mens style magazines

If there was a magazine that talked to classic males’s design, The Rake is certainly the one to do so. One can’t assist however feel underdressed while scanning its pages. As much as a guide to live your life as it is a source of pleasure, I’ve discovered so much about different tailoring homes and clothing from tailors far and wide. The Rake is a consistent source of inspiration to me along with something to dream about and desire.

— Steven D. Elliott, Handling Editor

2. Hodinkee

top mens style magazines

It’s been rather fantastic to witness the change of my buddy Ben Clymer’s little dormitory watch blog over the previous a number of years– with the last 2 or 3 being quite remarkable. Hodinkee not only delivers fantastic and appropriate material for the casual watch enthusiast all the way as much as the hardcore collector, but they have actually created some content franchises we do not understand how we ever lived without (Talking Watches, Recommendation Points, A Week on the Wrist, et al.) and broadened into other areas too, including the Hodinkee Store, podcast, and the topic of this post, Hodinkee publication.

When we’re talking about “what looks right” in the world of print magazines these days, Hodinkee publication is an excellent example. Lovely artwork. Remarkable stories. And, naturally, watches. Where the publication truly shines, nevertheless, is that it’s not practically watches. It’s about individuals and the lifestyle around those watches. It’s compelling. It’s immersive. And it actually feels like quality.

— Brian Sacawa, Creator

3. WM Brown

top mens style magazines

WM Brown is a magazine that has mastered the art of extensive personal storytelling and striking photography. A friend of us here at HSS, Matt Hranek blogs about traveling, food & drink. Reading his stories and those of his contributors, it transfers me back into my early teens. The eclectic mix of narratives on the refined gentleman or rustic outdoorsman interest both the amateur I when was and now older man I have actually become. What’s more telling is the articles never feel contrived or pompous. With each story you check out, you really get a sense the writer is speaking from their heart.

— Steven D. Elliott, Managing Editor

4. Departures

top mens style magazines

Among my favorite perks of my American Express Platinum card (I ‘ve got one for business and individual)is not the airport lounge gain access to or$ 15 regular monthly Uber credit, it’s the subscription to Departures magazine. It is among our favorite travel and way of life magazines around your home and we anticipate every concern. Now, more than ever, I believe we ‘d all like to escape and leave. And Departures allows us to dream about all the fascinating and stunning locations we can visit as soon as we can leave your home!

— Brian Sacawa, Founder

5. Revolution

top mens style magazines

For the watch obsessed, Transformation is a magazine that can make you recognize that there are far more enjoy brands out there then simply Rolex. Throughout this publication you’ll likely fall in love with a timepiece that’s about $100,000 dollars more than you can pay for. It’s not simply a lovely photo though. Transformation does a fantastic task at composing engaging and intriguing pieces that I just can’t get enough of. Whether you have a contemporary collection of watches or are beginning a vintage one, this is the publication to grab if you want to nerd out on watch dials and synthetic lume.

— Steven D. Elliott, Handling Editor

What are your favorites? Chime in below!

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