Tips For Dressing Up A Polo Shirt


Tips For Dressing Up A Golf Shirt

Dressing up your Polo Shirt

The polo shirt may be among those garments that you either love or you dislike. With warm weather condition still constantly sticking around, it’s a good time of year to dress up a polo t-shirt. Typically described as a common uniform, I have actually always felt the polo never ever actually established its complete capacity as more than just a summer-only garment. Specifically with long sleeve variations.

Dressing up a polo isn’t brain surgery, however takes a little bit of knowledge and a little self-confidence to manage. The polo is naturally casual, implying the rest of your appearance must maintain a more dressed appearance.

Here, I’m wearing a soft yellow knitted polo. Rather than the typical pique cotton variation, choose a softer knitted polo which can include a bit more refinement to the look. You currently know that a polo collar can do not have structure beneath your coat, accept it. Attempt wearing the collar open over the lapel of your jacket. It may not be for everyone, however it can show a bit of sartorial self-confidence.

|WEARING|Knit Polo T-shirt(Comparable), E. Thomas Inspect Sport coat (Similar), Grey Wool Trousers, Orient Young Child Watch, J&M Grayson Tassel Loafer|PHOTOGRAPHY|by Victoria Saperstein A strong polo with a solid jacket? No thanks. Select a subtle patterned coat, like this one, that evokes a retro ambiance. This jacket from Spier and Mackay is fantastic since it’s partly lined and can deal with a range of solid trousers in your closet.

Depending upon the weather, the short sleeve polo shirt may not be right. When the temperature levels dip, a long sleeved polo is an underrated option to the normal button down t-shirt.

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