Why I Dress Up Every Friday For Delighted Hour


Why I Dress Up Every Friday For Happy Hour

All dressed up and no place to go

With an international pandemic and stay-at-home orders at the forefront of our lives, worrying about our look has not surprisingly waned. In one nasty swoop, we went from looking our finest daily to wearing the exact same pair of sweatpants for the 3rd time today.

Don’t fret, I’m just as guilty.

Ever the optimist, I concerned the conclusion that if I wished to preserve a particular sense of self, I should continue to do what makes me sane. For the previous 6 weeks during quarantine, every Friday, I’ve consistently made it a practice of hosting a digital pleased hour by means of my Instagram.

dress up at home happy hour

To be clear, I’m refraining from doing it to maintain my social influence. Dressing up on Friday’s has brought a touch of normalcy back to my life that I never ever thought I would consider granted. A routine that assisted me begin my day with confidence had actually been drawn from me and to be sincere, I felt odd without it.

Dressing up once again has actually also permitted me to use my closet better. Every week, I’ve challenged myself to pair various clothes that I may not otherwise have actually used together. It’s been refreshing and I highly motivate others to attempt it.

dress up at home happy hour


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