Gay guys still can’t donate blood or lifesaving COVID-19 antibodies


Gay guys still can’t contribute blood or lifesaving COVID-19 antibodies

Gay and bi guys have actually been banned from contributing blood in the United States since the late 80s. The ban was alleviated under the Obama administration to permit guys who had not had sex with another male for a year to donate.

But while the Fda FDA announced they would loosen up the standards to decrease the deferral duration from 12 to 3 months, gay and bi guys who meet the brand-new requirements are still being turned away and blood banks are blaming the Trump administration for pulling a quick one.

In the face of serious blood scarcities since many Americans are under stay-at-home orders, blood banks are desperate for donors. Researchers and physicians likewise particularly want contributions from people who have made it through COVID-19 so that antibodies for the illness can be gathered from donors’ plasma.

However numerous guys across the country are reporting on social networks that they’re being turned away from blood banks.

The country’s blood centers are also disturbed. They’re being blamed for the rejections, however say their hands are connected till the FDA updates paperwork and computer systems blood banks are required to utilize.

” [Potential donors] were so mad with us,” Linda Goelzer, a spokesperson for Carter BloodCare in Dallas, said. “Individuals were calling and saying ‘You lied to us, you’re not following the FDA,’ and it’s so unjust. Every blood center in the country has been advocating for these modifications, however we have to go through some really rigorous protocols to make these changes so that we can still keep security in the blood supply and in the process.”

“When the FDA says the word ‘right away’that indicates something totally different in our world,” said Goelzer. “It takes about 3 months to implement this things however [the FDA] is relying on us to communicate that to the public.”

The system instantly turns down anyone who says they had sex with another male in the last 12 months.

“I hadn’t had sex in the previous 3 months so figured I was excellent to go,” said Brandon Gunther told NBC News. “However the computer system declined my eligibility to donate and I was informed ‘you need to remain abstinent from male to male sex for at least one year to be eligible to contribute.'”

“Blood donation eligibility must not be identified by techniques that are based upon sexual orientation,” the American Red Cross confirms.

Both the Red Cross and America’s Blood Centers– comprising around 800 banks nationwide– informed NBC News they are still unable to accept contributions.

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