Straight high schoolers with ‘MAGA flags’ disrupt LGBTQ club’s first conference


Straight high schoolers with ‘MAGA flags’ interrupt LGBTQ club’s very first meeting

Students in Bakersfield, California– a city of 380,000 110 miles north of Los Angeles– were going to the first meeting of Frontier High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance when students members of the Future Farmers of America club (FFA) confronted them holding “MAGA flags.”Some male and female FFA members held hands and screamed,”

” Today I’m signing up with other upset parents of LGBT kids to see that something is done. My kid states lately the tension at that school between FFA and any kids they’ve figured out as “liberal.” The gay community there is apparently the one they’ve decided to tinker. Not my kid and his friends. I will not go down without a fight. I want these kids penalized. So I’m hoping to pack away the chola that lives inside me and act like a sensible 38-year-old but this is my kid.

The Kern High School District responded with the following declaration:

“The Kern High School District and Frontier High School acknowledge that trainees have varying viewpoints and opinions. One of the objectives of the instructional process is to teach students how to interact respectfully. The reported event that happened on Wednesday afternoon at Frontier High School is currently being examined. When the examination is total, proper follow-up measures will be taken.”

The FFA is nationwide nonprofit organization to promote farming education amongst young people. It’s uncertain if the trainees had actually collaborated their opposition to the gay-straight alliance as an FFA activity or if they acted individually.

A 2014 study from the University of British Columbia found that”students in Canadian schools with gay-straight alliances were less most likely to be discriminated versus, had lower chances of self-destructive ideas and had fewer suicide attempts– despite whether they were gay or straight,” according to

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