This hateful subway rider lost her mind when two lesbian women kissed


This hateful train rider lost her mind when 2 lesbian women kissed


Today, a lady pushing a stroller went definitely bonkers upon seeing two lesbian women kiss on a train in Barcelona, Spain. Among the lesbians, Carla Gallén, posted video of the lesbophobe’s tirade online.

In a tweet (below), Gallén wrote, “On Wednesday afternoon, my partner and I suffered homophobic hostility on the underground. A woman insulted and attacked us for kissing.”

In the video, the female uses slurs and insults against the lesbian couple and even calls her own gay bro a “f * ggot.” Here are some of her despiteful lines from the video:

D * ke, d * ke what are you going to do with a video? … You disgust me, I have a gay bro, but he does not kiss in front of me due to the fact that he appreciates me … If you want regard, you also need to appreciate me … Stop recording or I’ll take your phone … This c * cksucker is tape-recording me.

Here’s video of the female’s expletive-filled tirade:

Gallén stated,”Insults and hazards continued for 10 minutes. In the middle of a wagon loaded with individuals. Nobody moved a finger. It is very simple to put ‘badges’ on the day of Pride, however LGBTQIA + individuals continue to suffer daily violence with this kind of hostility.”

Gallén and her partner apparently informed police about the occurrence as well as the Observatory Versus Homophobia, a regional company which keeps an eye on anti-LGBTQ discrimination.

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