Jennifer Lopez’s Iconic Grammys Dress Is Now Available in Sneaker Form


Jennifer Lopez’s Iconic Grammys Gown Is Now Available in Tennis Shoe Kind


It’s hard to think that it ‘s been 20 years considering that Jennifer Lopez obliterated the 2000 Grammy Awards red carpet with that dress. But alas, here we are. Jennifer Lopez is still a star, Google image search is still a thing, and that green jungle print gown made of silk chiffon is still among the most renowned red carpet appearance of the last twenty years (yes, it has its own Wikipedia page ). To assist commemorate the anniversary, Versace and tennis shoe shop Concepts have actually collaborated on a restricted edition sneaker straight inspired by J-Lo’s appearance. The chunky shoes include the exact same jade green that made the dress such a standout, as well as a tanned tongue that’s meant to look like the plunging neckline that sent out the entire web into a frenzy.


As the New York Post explain, the gown is in fact responsible for the birth of Google Image Browse.

“At the time, [Lopez’s dress] was the most popular search query we had actually ever seen

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt (2015)

“But we had no surefire way of getting users precisely what they wanted– J.Lo using that gown. Google Image Browse was born.”

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt (2015)

However as Lopez recently exposed in a video entitled”Moments of Style,” the mythical moment almost didn’t take place. According to her, she was filming The Wedding event Planner with Matthew McConaughey “in the middle of no place,” when her stylist appeared the day prior to the Grammys with nothing for her popular customer to use. Eventually, she presented Lopez with two choices, one being the infamous Versace gown. Unfortunately, it had actually already been used in public 3 times prior, as soon as by Donatella Versace herself. In the end, Lopez decided to take the plunge (pun really desired), and the rest, as they state, is history.

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