A Tale of Two Developments


A Tale of Two Innovations

I understand it’s been a while but I have actually been deeply taken part in my “Whatnowness”. Setting up a healthy regimen, building a mild work life and doing research study and checking out to help me comprehend what took place to me so it does not occur again. If I recall at photos from what I am now calling my “wasted time”, I see that I’m never smiling nor do I look particularly pleased, fashionable maybe delighted no. I think I have actually concerned grips with how quickly the world is altering and sometimes in manner ins which do make me concerned and unhappy. I was feeling all of this heaviness however it was what the fantastic analyst Christopher Bollas calls an “unthought understood”. I understood it but could not access words for it therefore could not make sense of what I was feeling.

I think what is occurring is that the world is moving so fast, we do not have the time we used to have to adjust and understand it and innovate all the new structures we need to keep us human and safe. Old methods of doing so are no longer working and we require to discover brand-new ones. I was caught because vortex without an automobile or a seat belt to contain me. So I just stopped. However guess what the world tossed forward without me. I feel that this is the essence of where we pertain to when we get in a “What Now” time. In this case, the answer is not withdrawing from the world but engaging with it on our terms and coming up with innovative reactions that use all of this innovation to make life much better, not to keep the status quo going or to make a lot of cash but to enhance the quality of our lives. We need to ride with the existing or opt for the riptide. We know what occurs when you attempt to fight it or brake in an ice storm. In this time, “What Now” might merely be to design an automobile and comfortable seat belt so we can go along for the flight and not fall off into oblivion prior to our time. I believe for me it’s going to be writing, researching and speaking with individuals who currently found out a lorry.

My nature is to always err on the side of pragmatism and optimism so I have actually shifted my look to hunting down little, regional developments that are taking on a few of the concerns that face us with that in mind. The important things about these developments is that they are pragmatic. In a world where everyday decisions are significantly based upon ideology, I support pragmatism. A practical solution is not best however it is practical and useful and not necessarily based on theory. It can help us today, not far in the future due to the fact that we need to alter huge structures. Just recently I have actually seen numerous excellent ideas shot down since they aren’t best or “ideologically appropriate.” Those of us who have had a lifetime of asking ourselves, “What Now?”, accept that everything is constantly progressing and what or who we were before is not who we are today. As lifelong students and thoughtful people, we are always refining, fixing, doing trial and mistake, or style and mistake as it associates with this blog. We comprehend that the process is everything which we will never be best. That’s alright with us as long as we feel satisfied.

I just recently got approached by two technology efforts in some ways attending to the same issue: the issue of falling, something that as we age produces some risk. One business created an underwear and work-out equipment with innovation that kicked in when it picked up muscle fatigue, supporting, balancing and holding the body upright. What I enjoy about this is that it supports self-reliance, movement, and extensive living which I for one desire to embrace right now (as you can see in today’s photo). It does not reject that I am getting older and might require some support however it does it in such a way that is so really respectful of the life I want to have as an older person. It also satisfies my criteria of inclusion since it can be utilized by anyone, at any time of life or after any kind of occurrence that produces muscle tiredness or deteriorates them. The other was really from a university development lab and excitedly desired me to promote a gadget that would attach to a walker and transmit information to an app on my household’s phone such as the threat of falling and other status details like high blood pressure. Why would I ever desire my child in the middle of her hectic workday to get a text that I was in risk of falling when there was nothing she could instantly do about it? So, of course, there will be a critique that one is for more privileged who can afford it and the other for those who can’t. However what if we began with the idea that quality of life is very important for all individuals and that should be where we start? What if style was something that all individuals could delight in? So possibly this sounds optimistic but how about positive? Possibly it’s not there yet but it could be. What if we took all of the resources dedicated to keeping the status quo and put them to things that concentrate on the lifestyle? Think of how style would require to change if that was its mission? Creating for the good of all the systems it communicates with, not the person. Well as a positive pragmatist I am going to attempt and discover more of these new ways of innovating. Perhaps in our What Nows, we can discover things that never existed before as we are reinventing ourselves in a world using the limitless possibility and “unthought knowns”.

How is your “What Nowness?” going and what are you finding about development?

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