What to see in Prague


What to see in Prague


I’ve constantly desired to visit more of Europe, and I had Prague high up on my list. I was lucky sufficient to need to have the opportunity to visit Prague, flights courtesy of Jet2, and in December– simply in time for the Christmas markets!I hot-footed it up to Manchester to fly with the rest of the blog writers and Instagrammers, and we showed up pretty swiftly to the hotel to capture a good nights sleep. It was excellent that the flights with JJet2 were from Manchester, it made it a lot easier as I was coming from Sheffield. We had a packed itinerary for the next day (although I absolutely forgot to dress for the weather, heeled boots and vinyl pants had me FREEZING!– but at least I looked good?!) which suggested great deals of strolling and exploring.We got to see the charm that is the library, and it was among my favourite locations to go. The history and the artistry within was unbelievable, and there was something so magical about being around such old pieces. The Strahov Library We had the ability to experience some fantastic Czech food, which is so warm and filling( perfect for the cold weather condition)over at the Kuchyn dining establishment, as we roamed around the Prague castle complex after which was breathtaking– there’s something so mesmerising about stained glass windows in cathedrals and churches and Prague did not disappoint!


The next day was similarly as busy, but we were able to check out some remarkable art museums, beginning with National Gallerts modern art collection for some beautiful art spotting, and after that we also checked out most likely the COOLEST museum I have ever been to, the dox museum.The dox museum is a multifunctional area for worldwide and Czech art, architecture and design– filled with incredible vibrant and cultural pieces throughout– this punching bag with Donald Trumps face on it was a firm favorite!We then ended up off the evening with food at the amazing Eska! We stayed at the Occidental Praha Wilson, which is so easy to book with Jet2holidays, which was so central, making it really simple to see all the sights. We wandered throughout Prague on both of the days and every section of this gorgeous city blew me away! The architecture is beautiful, the streets are littered with cute and eccentric stores and I can’t wait to go back!If you’re thinking of going to Prague, certainly check out Jet2holidays to see what offers you can get!

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